Comprehensive support
Free Wi-Fi services
To meet business needs, “fibre-to-E Hub” will provide every building with optical fibre access networks. Free Wi-Fi services will also be available for the entire E Hub.
Mobile Telecommunications
To facilitate easier mobile telecommunications, Qianhai will allow Hong Kong mobile telecommunications service providers to render their services enabling calls to be charged at local (Hong Kong) rates.
Rent Relief
To ease the burden of start-up companies, successful applicants to E Hub will enjoy a rent-free office space in the first year to be followed by a concessionary rent rate of 50% off of the normal charges in the second year.
Comprehensive Facilities
E Hub is equipped with versatile facilities and services to help start-up companies manage and accelerate their businesses efficiently and effectively. These include shuttle buses between Shenzhen Bay Port (Shenzhen side) and Qianhai, intelligent security systems, centralised broadcast and telecommunications sytems, furnished office space with smart design and a residence with unparalled service, catering and convenience stores.
One-stop Entrepreneurial Support
The vibrancy of E Hub lies in its nurturing of entrepreneurial activity through one-stop professional entrepreneurial and business support. Multi-dimensional start-up support includes accounting consultations and legal services, training, financing and marketing platforms that will help accelerate start-up companies.
Tax Incentives
Qualified companies are entitled to enjoy a reduced corporate income tax rate of 15%. Qualified overseas talents or professionals are entitled for income tax rebates if their individual income tax exceeds 15% of taxable employment income.
Policy Incentives
Enterprises in E Hub are entitled to enjoy all incentive policies in Qianhai.
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